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Ross Trittipo, Founder of Middle Key

I started in this business back in September, 1998 when I began working for a local carpet cleaning company.  I got stuck doing empty apartments, so I learned how to restore the worst, most disgusting carpets you can possibly imagine.  It didn’t matter if it was filthy, ripped, wrinkled, stained, full of holes or damaged from bleach–I saved thousands of carpets from being replaced.

When they finally let me start doing residential work, I didn’t dial back the intense plan of attack I’d been using in apartments.  Homeowners were shocked to see me crawling around on all fours brushing edges and doing detail work that other guys would never dream of doing.  They’d be dumbfounded when I removed stains and fixed damaged areas that other technicians said were permanent.  Before long I was the second most requested tech (I could never surpass one guy who had been with the company for 25 years).  If it wasn’t for those lousy apartments, I wouldn’t have become such a rockstar on residential jobs.

Eventually, I got burned out working for other people, so in 2004 I started my own business.  At first it was called Accuclean, but I always thought that name sounded janitorial or something.  So in 2013 I changed it to Middle Key after one of the Dry Tortugas in Florida. Why “Middle Key”?  I always wondered why these islands in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico were called the “DRY” Tortugas.  I mean, they’re surrounded by water!  It reminded me of how we use gallons of water when cleaning carpet, yet it’s left nearly dry when we’re done.  So the name Middle Key is based on the paradox of something being dry even though it’s surrounded by water.

We’re a unique company because we absolutely  obsess over details.  Most professional carpet cleaners look at a room and just see the dirty traffic lanes right out in the middle.  Sure, we see that stuff too, but we also see the black edges along baseboards and the pet hair hiding underneath the furniture. We see the dust behind headboards and the foamy spots where someone used too much soap to clean up a coffee spill.  The details we obsess over are what make a room really pop after we’ve cleaned it.  Sadly, most pros skip them.

Why Choose Us?

There’s something like 300 carpet cleaning businesses in and around Indianapolis.  How are you supposed to know who to use?  If you’re like me, you want someone who makes you feel comfortable before you’ll let them around your family and house.  You want their work to be guaranteed, and you don’t ever want to feel taken.  Check out the list below and see if you think my company fills those needs:

The Middle Key Difference

Ross, the Owner, is on Every Job Site

  • I will personally oversee your job in the flesh! 
  • All of my techs are “clones” personally groomed by me…we only deliver top quality results no matter who does the cleaning.
  • We are a smoke-free, Mike-Tysonesque-face-tattoo-free company…you will not be frightened to have us in your home.
  • You get to take advantage of my vast knowledge and experience–if a problem is fixable, I FIX IT!DSC_3474

Six Month Warranty...FREE

  • All customers are automatically enrolled in our OOPS! Program for six months…absolutely free of charge (applies only to areas we clean).
  • Spill coffee, drop a plate of spaghetti, track mud in from outside–we’ll clean it up for free for a whopping 180 days!
  • No questions asked…if you need us, we come.  For six months.  Period.OOPS

We're Insured Out the Wazoo

  • We are the only company in central Indiana that insures YOUR property…our competitors think they’re covered, but I assure you they are not.
  • If a carpet cleaner ruins your carpet, his insurance will NOT cover it!  But if he falls on your piano and breaks it, they will cover that.  What’s the difference?  The insurance companies figure a professional worker should be good enough at his craft to keep from ruining the things he actually works on.  They will usually only cover collateral accidents…except for Middle Key.  Our insurance covers everything, and I mean everything!
  • If I or one of my clones so much as looks at anything you own, my insurance covers it.
  • Oh, I should mention, since I started this biz in 2004, I’ve never once needed to use my kickbutt insurance.  But it’s nice to know it’s there!

We Force Dry Your Carpet

  • Unlike our competitors, we think drying the carpet should be part of the cleaning process.
  • We use 40 mph, industrial grade air movers to force dry your carpet…this shaves hours off the dry time
  • Majorly cuts down on resoiling and wicking problems.
  • Eliminates any chance for mold/mildew growth…guaranteed.dripods

Free Encapsulant Protector

  • We apply textile protector to every stitch of carpet and upholstery that we clean…watch it repel dirt and spills!  Easy to clean!
  • Encapsulant protector helps heavy traffic lanes resist wear and dirt…stays cleaner longer and looks amazing.
  • No odor, long lasting, and nearly as effective as traditional protectors like Scotchgard.
  • Scotchgard available if you want the ultimate protection (not necessary for every customer in our opinion).protector

Incredible Attention to Detail

  • We hand detail all edges and around stationary items like heavy furniture…you won’t find a speck of dust when we’re done!  Your rooms will really pop!
  • Hand detailing saves your baseboards from damage…no clunky cleaning tools scraping across your woodwork.
  • Have dark, ugly lines around the edges of your rooms?  Our detail work takes care of 99% of them.Detail Pic 2

Unrivaled Stain Removal Skills

  • With my background in cleaning apartments, I’ve encountered every stain you can think of (iodine, graphite shavings, rabbit pee, curry, industrial glue, tractor grease, hair dye and plenty of other things too scandalous to mention)…if it can come out, I’ll get it out.
  • We routinely fix stains our competitors said are permanent…we are your best shot–I guarantee it!
  • I’m also an expert at carpet repair…if I can’t get a stain out, I can patch it if you have a remnant or can sacrifice a piece out of a closet or something.Steps

Walls, Corners and Floors Protected

  • We use corner guards, floor mats, stair hooks and towels to save your home from damage.
  • If we mess something up, we’ll fix it or pay to have it fixed, period.  corner guard

Tools & Equipment Sanitized Between Jobs

  • Our tools contact yucky stuff sometimes, so we clean them after every job.
  • We use 200° water and commercial Lysol…nothing survives, no cross contamination between jobs.
  • I’ve never seen another professional carpet cleaner do this!  As far as I know, this is unique to Middle Key.sanitized equipment (2)

Free Pet Damage Treatment

  • The vast majority of pet damage is fixable with our standard service…we treat odors AND stains at no additional cost.
  • This is the number one “upsell” other cleaners use to pillage their customers’ wallets…we include it FREE.
  • If our standard service doesn’t work, our advanced treatments are affordable and guaranteed to work!English bulldog 9 week puppy shutterstock_43681333


Ridiculous GuaranteeAnother reason you can feel safe hiring Middle Key is my guarantee.  My competitors offer satisfaction guarantees and I’ve never understood that.  Since when is satisfaction a good thing?  I want you to be blown away, not just satisfied.  It’s like, if my wife makes a really delicious dinner (which happens a lot), I’m not going to say “Mmmm!  Honey!  This food is really adequate!  I’m going to be so satisfied after this.”  No, I’m going to say “OMG…This is THE best orange-glazed chicken I’ve ever had.  This is FANTASTIC!”

That’s exactly how I want my customers to feel.  If you’re just satisfied, I failed somewhere.  I want you to be blown away.  So I came up with the most ridiculous guarantee the industry has ever seen.  With a guarantee like this, I have to do good work!  It keeps me honest and focused and challenged, and that means you get impeccably clean carpet that lasts a long time and is backed by a six month warranty.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with our service, I’ll refund your money, pay for any other cleaner of your choice to redo the work, and give you a $50 VISA gift card.

Let’s Do This!

If you’re tired of being disappointed by other carpet cleaners, don’t be shy about calling us today.  That reminds me…have you ever noticed when you call a business, whoever answers the phone usually sounds hurried and upset that you bothered them?  Well, when we answer the phone, we actually sound happy.  That’s because we’re trained to SMILE when the phone rings, and I guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

Feel free to call or text my personal cell phone at 317-370-9075 or fill out one of the contact forms we have at the bottom of every page.

Call or Text:  317-370-9075


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