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Carpet Cleaning Made Simple

If professional carpet cleaners would simply follow these four basic steps, they could completely eliminate the most common problems.

Pretreatment + High-Flow Rinse + Detailing + Drying =

The Best Possible Result

1. Pretreatment

  • Move small furniture out…so we can clean every nook & cranny
  • Tuck bed skirts & curtains…to protect your stuff & expose edges for cleaning
  • Vacuum…removes pet hair & excess debris
  • LIGHTLY apply nontoxic prespray…doesn’t over-wet carpet and pad, safe for family

2. High-Flow Rinse

  • Slow, methodical flush & rinse…purges deeply embedded soil
  • Super hot water…kills yucky stuff, dries faster
  • Move large furniture as needed…eradicates dust bunnies
  • Vacuum only dry-passes…cuts hours off dry time

3. Detailing

  • Hand clean edges/crevices…makes your rooms really pop!
  • Treat stubborn stains…removes stains that didn’t clean out
  • Wipe overspray/drips…keeps your hard floors and woodwork clean
  • Trim “fuzzies”…gets rid of unsightly loose fibers around edges

4. Drying

  • Proper amount prespray used…keeps carpet from soaking
  • Vacuum only dry-passes…cuts hours off dry time
  • Set up 40 MPH air movers…cuts even more off the dry time
  • Adjust ceiling fans & thermostat…optimizes indoor drying conditions


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Hi, I’m Ross Trittipo, and I know what clean carpet is! If you’re frustrated with lousy results and the problems other cleaners cause, you need to call me today!

We show up on time, do the best work in Indy, and load you up with perks and freebies.  You’ll flip over my Ridiculous Guarantee, and I’ll even throw in a six month warranty!  Call or text me 24/7 on my personal cell phone and I will hook you up!  317-370-9075

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  • Hand Edge-Detailing
  • Forced Drying
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  • Sanitized Tools & Equipment
  • Six Month Warranty
  • Ridiculous Guarantee

Had These Problems With Other Carpet Cleaners?

Middle Key Solves Them All!

Spots/Stains Come Right Back

Most carpet cleaners are afraid to use a lot of water, but we use a TON of it!  It flushes out deeply embedded soils and spills that make spots reappear.  The secret to using this much water is going back over the carpet with vacuum strokes and then using commercial air movers.  Works like a charm.

Carpet Takes Forever to Dry

We do extra vacuum strokes on every job.  Most cleaners don’t because it’s double the work.  Since it shaves hours off the dry time, we take one for the team and do it.  Then we set up 40 MPH commercial air movers.  Problem solved.

Missed/Late Appointments

We schedule arrival times in half hour windows so you don’t have to wait around all day.  Then, we show up right on time.  We are never late….EVER!

Scary Technicians

Let’s be honest:  Some blue collar workers are a little…rough around the edges.  Probably nice guys, but a little intimidating.  We’re just a bunch of nerds and family guys.

Bait & Switch

We give you a price before starting work, and that’s that.  It will only go up if you add another room or a sofa or something.  We throw in so many freebies to begin with, it’s impossible to bait and switch our customers. 

We INVENTED the Four-Step Process

The four-step process we invented is the secret that can turn lousy carpet cleaners into superstars.  We call it The Cleaning Equation, and just like a math problem, it can only add up to one solution.  Pretreatment, high-flow rinse, detailing and drying all combine to equal the best possible result.  But the steps have to be followed for it to work!

From start to finish, we use The Cleaning Equation on every job.  It’s a fool-proof system that eliminates mistakes and the problems they cause.  You get impeccably clean carpet that dries fast, lasts a long time and comes with a six month warranty.  That means if you have problems, we come back and fix them.

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