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SiteButtons_repairFour billion pounds of carpet are dumped into landfills every year, and it takes 50 years before it even starts to biodegrade!  Sadly, a lot of that carpet could be saved and repaired.  Yep, that’s right…carpet can be repaired!  We can fix rips, tears, holes, wrinkles, broken seams, bleached areas, non-removable stains, or anything else you can think of.

Let us give repair a shot before you spend the money on replacement.  If you don’t like it, we have a deal with Flooring Expressions that guarantees you won’t waste a dime.  Here’s how it works:  You hire us to do a repair.  If it looks great and you’re happy, we celebrate and hi-five.  If it doesn’t meet your expectations and you want new carpet, Flooring Expressions will subtract what you paid us from their bill!  If you’d like to know how we can help, call us to schedule a free estimate.

Check this out!

Repair 1

Ugly varnish stain from chair leg

Repair 2

Stain is cut out with carpet knife

Repair 3

New piece is seamed in and repair is invisible

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