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SiteButtons_edgesDoes your carpet have ugly dark edges around the baseboards?  We can help!  It’s a common problem called soil filtration, and it can be really tough to fix.  Most “professional” cleaners tell their customers nothing can be done.  Well that’s just not true!

We fix soil filtration all the time.  All it takes is some determination and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.  And unless your problem is really severe, we don’t even charge extra!  Here’s our philosophy:  If you hire us to clean your carpet, we’re going to clean ALL of it, not just the easy parts.  Don’t feel like you have to live with unsightly dark edges on your carpet.  Let us fix it for you!

Sometimes we have to charge extra, but it’s rare.  For instance, we’ve done some jobs where the soil filtration is so bad, insurance claims were filed.  It takes a lot of time to fix problems that severe, so extra charges may apply.  If you’d like to know where your job stands, call us today for a free estimate.

Our Process

  • Treat dark edges with super-concentrated, dirt-busting prespray
  • Gently scrub with special brush
  • Steam extract with hot, double-softened water
  • Detail edges with hand tool
  • Apply FREE encapsulant protector to resist future soil
  • Dry with commercial air movers

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