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SiteButtons_greenOur everyday products are already biodegradable and nontoxic, and that suits most of our customers just fine.  But for those who want a truly green carpet cleaning experience, we can use plant-based cleaning agents that are so safe they’re literally edible.  For a slight increase in price, we are happy to use these products any time you like.  Why do we charge extra?

Green cleaning agents work just fine, but they’re not as aggressive as the more traditional products we use.  That means they take a little longer to break down the soils in your carpet, adding more time to the job.  So we just charge a little extra to make up the difference.

But green cleaning should go beyond just the products that are used.  For example, we try to be as paperless as possible.  If you’d like, we can text or email your receipt to save paper.  And as far as we know, Middle Key is the only carpet cleaning company in Indiana properly disposing of waste water. Not only does Indiana law require us to send waste water into a sanitary sewer, we are supposed to have permission from the utility companies to do so.

You can see the permission we’ve been granted by clicking here. We’d be shocked if our competitors can provide the same paperwork.  As a matter of fact if you ask them about it they probably won’t even know what you’re talking about. The point is, we try to have as little impact on our precious environment as possible.

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