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Our OOPS! Program covers anything we clean for six months.  You no longer have to worry about spots reappearing or accidents.  If you spill, drop or track something in that causes a spot or stain that you can’t get out yourself, we will gleefully come by and remove it…FOR FREE!  Yes, this even covers accidents that happen after we clean!

At the end of your job, we’ll present you with an OOPS! certificate that you can use as many times as needed over the next 180 days.  All you need to do is call us and we’ll be there, no questions asked.

The OOPS! Program is only for residential customers who live in the home where work was originally performed.  The features and benefits of the program may only be used in the home where work was originally performed.  It does not apply to commercial or rental properties.  The OOPS! Program will only address individual and unambiguous spots and stains of a normal household nature.

Extraordinary events or occurrences such as (but not limited to) spilled paint or nail polish, pet accidents, wicking, cellulosic browning and spots or stains deemed permanent or permanently reoccurring are not covered.

We reserve the right to have the final say on whether or not any spot or stain qualifies.  We will only attempt to remove spots or stains with normal cleaning and stain removal techniques.  It is possible we won’t be successful.  If a spot or stain can only be removed with a structural change to the carpet such as a patch, the OOPS! Program will not apply.


  • Food spills
  • Drink spills
  • Mud & dirt
  • Marker & pen
  • Stains we successfully removed that reappear
  • Other normal, household stains

Not Covered

  • Bodily fluids, pet or otherwise
  • Paint
  • Nail polish
  • Permanent stains we’ve already worked on
  • Browning or wicking from water or moisture damage
  • Traffic lanes

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