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SiteButtons_petsDo you have naughty pets who like to tinkle indoors?  We can help!  Our service includes FREE topical pet treatment that’s good enough to fix most odors and stains.  Don’t be tricked by other cleaners who charge an arm and a leg for this service.  Unless your problem is severe, most pet damage isn’t difficult to fix.

Pet urine turns into sticky, oily goo that’s nearly impossible for homeowners to remove.  Our free topical treatment digests and dissolves urine so that we can flush it out during the cleaning process.  After the yucky stuff is rinsed out, we deodorize and force-dry the carpet.  Then we use a special stain remover to get rid of any leftover discoloration.  Remember, this is all absolutely free, and it works 90% of the time!

For severe problems, we may have to seal the subfloor, replace the pad and aggressively treat the carpet.  It costs extra, but it’s still cheaper than buying new.  Need us to look at it?  Call for a free inspection!

Our Process

  • Pretreat affected areas
  • Steam extract with hot, double-softened water
  • Deodorize
  • Dry with commercial air movers
  • Treat leftover discoloration with peroxide-based stain remover (the good stuff!)

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