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SiteButtons_rugsLet Middle Key give your rugs the royal treatment at our in-house rug spa.  Unlike our competitors who take your rugs to a third party without telling you, we actually do our own cleaning at our Beech Grove facility.  Each rug gets evaluated personally by our owner, Ross.  Then he designs a care plan specific to that rug, which ensures the proper type of cleaning and eliminates the risk of damage.

Fine rugs are quite an investment, so we over-insured ourselves to protect your property.  The entire time we have a rug in our care, from transport to cleaning, it’s covered by our iron-clad policy.  With 17 years of experience cleaning everything from $100 department store rugs to $30,000 heirloom Orientals, we’ve got you covered.  We can even text or email picture updates if you’d like to keep an eye on your babies.  Once we’ve cleaned and dried your rugs in our temperature and humidity controlled building, we’ll wrap them for safe transport and set up a convenient time to return.

As always, we never charge for pickup and delivery, and we’ll even help you put the rug back where it goes.  Our fast turnaround time (usually 7-10 days) means you don’t have to wait for weeks to get your rugs back.

Our Process

  • Dust rug with special equipment
  • Vacuum both sides
  • Clean with one of many techniques:  steam extract, submerge, artificial river, dry clean, etc.
  • Hand clean fringe
  • Force dry with commercial air movers and dry heat
  • Vacuum both sides again
  • Wrap for transport

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