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Tired of Getting Bit in the You-Know-What By Lousy In-Home Service Companies?

Let Middle Key Remind You What Good Old-Fashioned Service is Like!

Survey Says…

We asked homeowners what kind of problems they face when hiring service companies.  Wanna know what their three most common complaints were?

  • Workers stinking the house up like cigarette smoke
  • Workers showing up late or missing appointments
  • Workers being “scary” and inconsiderate

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I don’t smoke, I’m on time, and I’m really, really nice.

Hi there.  I’m Ross, the owner of Middle Key Carpet Cleaning.  A chimpanzee could probably learn to clean carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, etc.  Wanna know what really makes these services good or bad?  The people doing them!  The best cleaner in the world won’t have many fans if he shows up late, scares your family and flicks cigarette butts on the lawn.

My company operates in a completely different universe.  Sure, we’re total cleaning rockstars, but what really makes us different is how we look and act.  It starts on the phone.  I make sure I’m smiling when I say hello.  Same goes for any of my clones.  They are all trained to smile on the phone, and you will hear the difference.  When you schedule, you’ll get a half-hour arrival window.  Yep, just 30 measly minutes, so you won’t have to wait around all day.  And WE ARE NEVER LATE!  EVER!!!

Once we show up (I’m on every job site, by the way), we’ll park on the street until we get permission to park on the driveway.  We set up corner guards and floor mats to protect the inside of your house.  After cleaning your stuff we tidy up, optimize your house for quick drying and leave you with a bunch of goodies to make sure your cleaning lasts a long time.

You’ll even get a six month warranty and the confidence of our Ridiculous Guarantee .  Folks, this is a no-brainer.  We are the real deal, and all it takes is one call to get us out to your place.  Or fill out one of the contact forms we have at the bottom of every page.  Check out our services by clicking the links below, and don’t forget to buy online.  It’s sooooo easy, and you can save some serious coin!

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