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SiteButtons_showerDo you have a tiled shower with mildew, hard water stains, peeling caulk and filthy grout lines?  We can make it look new again!  Our professional tools and equipment make shower cleaning a snap.  In just a few hours, we can get results the average homeowner wouldn’t get close to in an entire weekend.

Our safe, non-acidic products dissolve soap scum, mildew and hard water stains but are safe for all types of tile.  We also cut out and replace old caulking, clean the fixtures and apply sealer that will keep your shower looking great for a long time.  When we’re done it will look better than ever.  Call us today for an estimate!

Our Process

  • Remove old caulking
  • Hand scrub all tiles and grout lines with safe, non-acidic cleaning product
  • Rinse with high pressure, high temperature double-softened water
  • Polish fixtures
  • Seal tiles and grout
  • Replace caulk


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