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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

SiteButtons_tileDirty grout does not have to be the end of the world.  We can fix it!  Don’t waste hours and hours scrubbing your grout lines with a toothbrush, only to realize they’re still dirty.  What would take you an entire weekend only takes us a few hours, and the results are amazing!

Our high pressure, high temperature system plows through dirt like it’s not even there.  We can even remove the oily food-based grime that builds up in kitchens.  The secret is our completely safe, non-acidic cleaning product.  It literally digests and dissolves grease, oil, food & drink spills, pet urine and regular ol’ dirt.  And since it’s not an acid, it’s completely safe for all types of tile whether you have ceramic, porcelain or natural stone.

IMPORTANT: Whether you use Middle Key or someone else, please make sure products with hydrochloric acid are not used.  Also known as muriatic acid, it’s a dangerous chemical that has the nasty side effect of etching metal. It’s so noxious even the fumes can ruin stainless steel appliances. That’s no joke. It happens all the time. Astonishingly, these products are in common use among our competitors.

Our Process

  • Move furniture and other items
  • Sweep floor to remove loose debris
  • Apply safe, nontoxic tile & grout cleaner
  • Scrub grout lines with grout brush
  • Steam extract with high pressure, high temperature water
  • Dry floor with air movers
  • Apply grout sealer (if desired)


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