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SiteButtons_upholsteryWhether you have cotton, poly or microfiber upholstery, Middle Key knows how to care for it.  We’ve cleaned thousands of pieces of furniture over the years, and we’ve saved many pieces the owners thought were too far gone.  We specialize in fixing problems our competitors run away from, so if you need help with ink, vomit, pet hair, pet urine, food stains or just plain dirty upholstery, give us a call.

We also care for very fine fabrics like velvet, wool and silk.  Don’t let just anybody touch your furniture!  There is a right way and a wrong way, especially when it comes to fine fabrics.  The vast majority of “professional” cleaners are under-trained and will clean your silk chair the same way they’d clean a polyester chair.   Can you say “DISASTER”?

All customers receive FREE encapsulant protector, a six month warranty and the confidence of our Ridiculous Guarantee.  If you’ve been disappointed by lousy results before, let us show you what clean really is.  Call today!

Our Process

(different for fine fabrics like silk and velvet)

  • Vacuum loose debris
  • Pretreat tough stains
  • Apply fabric shampoo and brush it in
  • Steam extract entire frame, all cushions & pillows and arm covers with hot, double-softened water
  • Re-treat tough stains if necessary
  • Apply free encapsulant protector (Scotchgard available for additional charge)
  • Arrange cushions & pillows and optimize home for fast drying


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