Water DamageRoss Trittipo

Call or text Ross 24/7 If you’re having an emergency:  317-370-9075

SiteButtons_waterWater damage includes so much more than just having wet stuff.  It is literally a trauma for homeowners.  One instructor in our industry teaches that people who’ve had water damaged homes experience the same emotional harm as a person who’s been physically assaulted.  So when we’re called upon to dry out a flooded structure we take the responsibility very seriously.

Yes, we want to get your house back to normal, but our primary concern is actually you.  That’s why we go out of our way to respect your belongings, your family and your privacy.  We’re even willing to be the whipping boy if you need someone to scream at.  Trust us, during an event as stressful as a flood, you do not want a bunch of gruff, unsympathetic, glorified constructions workers traipsing around.  We are not like that at all.  We guarantee we’ll instill confidence in you.  And based on the hundreds of water damage jobs we’ve successfully fixed over the years, we promise we’ll get your place bone dry within a few days.